My hard drive crashed. Can I get my uploaded files back?

You sure can! Find the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and we'll get you sorted out.

How do I know who's visiting my site?

The best and simplest way is to use our Stats section (available to customers on Whoo! and higher plans). You can also hook your portfolio up to Google Analytics.

Why does my custom domain redirect to my Carbonmade URL?

This may be happening because your custom domain isn't properly connected to your Carbonmade site. Make sure that you've followed the steps here to properly connect your site. If you still can't figure it out, send us a note and we'll help you out!

How can I protect my images from getting stolen?

Sharing your work doesn't give up or reduce any of your rights. You still own your work and reserve your full rights and are protected under copyright laws. Also, our service doesn't own anything you upload. We host the work for you and that's it.

We do prevent people from being able to right-click save your images, but there are still measures people can take to get them. Unfortunately, that's one downside of the Internet. Watermarking your images can help but make sure they don't overwhelm your work.

Which browsers do you support?

We support the last two major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

What are pieces?

Pieces are the files that you add to your projects. They can be image, video, text, or audio files.

Can I organize my projects into categories?

Not quite yet. BUT! We have plans to add it soon.

Where is Mike's super secret nap grotto?

Well, if we told you, that'd ruin the super secret part of it!

Actually, the nap grotto is just our 404 error page. It means the tubes of the internet didn't connect properly for some reason and we couldn't complete your journey from one URL to another. It could be our fault and something is broken or you could have just used a bad URL. Hard to say, but you can either try to find your way again or send us an email to for help. Good luck!

I sent a test email through the Contact Form and didn't get it. Why not?

If you used your own email address to test our Contact Form, it may be lost in the Internet forever. Try using a different email address or ask a friend to send one for you. Don't they owe you for that time you did that thing?

What does the ★ mean on my project listings?

The star means this project is marked as "new". You can easily flip it on or off. Find out how!

If you'd like to add a heart, horseshoe, clover, blue moon, pot of gold, rainbows, or red balloons, we don't have the ability to do that yet. Sorry that we even brought it up!

I'm getting a Privacy Error on Chrome. What is even happening?

Since Chrome's last browser update, there is a "Your connection is not private" error that shows up when visitors put a www. before your Carbonmade URL. Chrome is aware of the problem and promises a fix in their next browser update. They release updates about every 6 weeks, so it should be addressed very soon.

In the interim, please make sure to not include the www. when sharing or posting your Carbonmade link. The proper URL to share is (for example) and it should work just fine in every browser.

What are the dimensions of my cover image?

The size varies between themes. The specific dimensions can be found in your theme's guide:

- Thumbs
- Lefty
- Mason
- Sidescroll


How many themes can I use?

All of them! And you can switch between them! Back and forth, to and fro, take it back now y'all.

Talent Pool

Can I edit my Talent Pool listing?

You'll be able to update your Talent Pool listing soon! We have lots of big stuff planned for the Talent Pool.

How are the pieces for my Talent Pool deck chosen?

The Talent Pool is still going through some major changes! In the future, you'll have more control about how you will be viewed on the Talent Pool page. In the future, you still won't be able to swim in it.


Which plan should I choose?

Whoo! is our most popular plan. It has a mixture of great professional features like domain binding, privacy, high quality video, stats and it has enough projects and pieces for a solid body of work.

Okay. is our budget-minded plan. If you're just starting out and need a small portfolio that still looks good, then Okay is for you.

If you're feeling limitless and want the best, then LASER WHALE is the way to go. (No LASER WHALES were harmed in the making of this plan.)

Why is it called LASER WHALE?

Dave named it this because, "Whales are huge! And a whale with lasers would have UNLIMITED POWER." Dave also thinks that lobsters are immortal.

If I close my account and change my mind, can I re-open it without having my content deleted?

If it's within a 30 day window from closing, yes you can! Get in touch via the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and we'll help you out.


What image formats or files are supported?

We support jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, gif, ico psd, and pdf files.

We do not support doc or docx files.

Do you support animated GIF files?

We support animated GIFs up to 5MB. If your animated GIF is larger than 5MB, we'll display its first frame.

What video codecs are supported?

We support: H.264, MPEG-4, VP8, VP6, WebM, FLV, WMV, and OGG.

In what format should I export my videos?

For the best results, export your videos as MP4 files. Use the H.264 (High Profile) video codec and AAC-LC audio codec. Check out our video guide to learn more.

​Do you support video embeds?

Nope, but we offer native video support on paying plans. Check out our video guide to learn more.

Can I upload Audio files?

Yes! It's a paid feature that we recently added to Carbonmade. Our handy help video will show you the way!

We support: MP3, AAC, FLAC, Opus, OGA and WMA file formats.

​Do you support SWF files?

Nope. Sorry.

Can I upload PDF files?

Yes! We just introduced support for PDF pieces. Here's our handy help video to show you the way.

Is there a file size limit on uploads?

Yep. Images are limited to 100MB and videos are limited to 2GB.

Why is my image showing up sideways?

This is pretty annoying, we know. Problem is, sometimes your computer is smart and shows the image as properly oriented when it's actually sideways. The best way to fix this is to rotate the image in a program like Photoshop and re-save it before uploading.

Why is my image showing up slightly green?

It may be related to whether you are exporting the images as CMYK, RGB, or sRGB. Each one will have a different effect on how colors appear on a browser and a digital display.

We recommend using sRGB, as that should show the true colors of the original file.

Can I add both images and videos to the same project?

You sure can!

What dimensions should I upload my pieces?

Our general policy is to tell folks to upload images as big as you can export them. All of our themes are smart and adapt the images to wherever they'll be shown. The bigger the image we have to work with, the better things will look. This applies to videos as well!

No. Your work is yours — we're just here to help you show it off in various sizes and formats.


My domain registrar doesn't have a DNS Manager or charges me. What do I do?

Our favorite (if you can have a favorite DNS Manager) is Hurricane Electric. It's free!

I don't have a domain name. Where can I register a domain?

We're big fans of Hover. There are others, but just go there.

Why can I only access my custom site with a www?

You're probably missing an 'A record' on your DNS registrar.

Add an 'A record' in the DNS section of your domain registrar pointing to this IP address:

Then, you should be able to access your site within 48 hours (or less - the Internet is flighty). For more info, refer to this help article.

Where do I change my Carbonmade domain?

Click Site Settings on the main column and scroll down until you find the Domain block. For more info, refer to this help article.

Google Analytics

Why aren’t my stats showing up on Google Analytics?

Google probably hasn't connected the tubes yet. It can take up to 24 hours. Hang in there!

I'm seeing hits to my portfolio from around the world. Is this normal?

Yes. Your portfolio is findable and viewable by anyone in the world. If you'd prefer to control who sees your work, you can password protect it and give out the access code directly. The future!

Search Engine Settings

I'm not showing up in Google. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we at Carbonmade can't control what Google does and doesn't list. That said, we do have some tips that can help out your chances.

Click Site Settings on the main column and scroll down until you find Site Description. Fill this out with info about your site - the meta description is what describes your website to search engines.

Setting up Google Analytics can help. Also, Google really likes it when you link up and share your site, so do that as much as you can. Most of all, be patient. Google takes an unknown amount of time to update their listings.