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Mason is all about big, responsive pictures. It's a minimalist backdrop that gets out of the way and lets your work speak for itself. It's only in the navigation that you'll find a splash of unexpected but pleasing color.

This theme is really best suited to photographers. Whether you snap portraits or natural landscapes, gritty street photography or high-end fashion, it'll set the perfect scene. You can even switch to a "narrow" setting if you feel the need to gently tame your photographic beasts.

Check out our sample theme to see Mason livin' large!


Adjustment Options

  • Black or white color scheme
  • Two font options (serif and sans-serif)
  • Three color moods ( sunset, miami and midnight)

Thumbnail Sizes*

Mason uses the first picture of your project and its original aspect ratio to create a mosaic style grid on the homepage. The grid is fully responsive and scales up and down depending on your screen size. The maximum thumbnail width is 406 px for the regular rows and 1280 px for the "featured" project. You don't have to upload custom thumbnails but you can if you like.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.


Work Section

Image Sizes*

Mason has two layout widths: Wide is 1280 px and Narrow is 960 px.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

About Section


The maximum size of the cover photo is 1310 × 550 px on the wide setting and 990 × 416 px on the narrow setting.

Contact Section

Theme Options


  • Portfolio title and footer blurb


  • Custom logo (paid-accounts only)
  • Custom favicon (paid-accounts only)

Theme Settings

  • Black or white color scheme
  • Three color moods (sunset, midnight, miami)
  • Colorful or monochrome hover color
  • Serif or sans-serif font treatment
  • Wide and Narrow page layout
  • Left- or center-justified text

Home Page Styling

  • Feature first project
  • Show/hide thumbnail text
  • Pick your Subtitles (client, type or date)

Project Settings

  • Show/hide project title
  • Description placement (beginning or end of project)

Mobile Version

Mason was designed fully responsive from the get-go so the layout fluidly adapts to virtually any screen.