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Open for Full-Stack design engagements

Product Designer

Shylendar Murali

15 projects 152 pieces

Interaction Designer

Jason Eldred

Redmond, WA
9 projects 147 pieces
Available Now

Senior UX Designer

Ravi Kumar

5 projects 34 pieces

UX/Product Designer

Marie Kretlow

Atlanta, GA
5 projects 72 pieces
Available Now

Graphic Designer

Hani Khang

5 projects 35 pieces
Available Now

Say hi!Feel free to drop a message.I'll be so happy to help you :)

UI/UX and Graphic Designer

Sandeep Allampalli

4 projects 18 pieces
Available Now

Illustrator & graphic designer


Galicia - Spain
3 projects 14 pieces
Available Now

Contact me :)

UX & UI Designer

Sergio Alberti

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5 projects 73 pieces
Available Soon

UX / UI Designer

Yunxiu Guo

Seattle, WA
2 projects 19 pieces
Available Now

User Experience Strategy, Design and Research

Jonathan Firestone

Ashburn, VA (Washington, DC Metro Area)
14 projects 35 pieces

UIUX designer

Amuti Subi

Irving, TX
5 projects 36 pieces

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