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So, if you are interested in learning more please call us on 01243 641 070 or 07712 896972 or email me at studio@productdesignworks.co.uk.

Design Consultants. Graham Thomson BSc ( Industrial Design )

Product Design Works Ltd

Chichester, UK
34 projects 814 pieces

Industrial Designer

G. Eka Wibawa

Moscow, Russia
5 projects 25 pieces

Digital Designer

Ashley McKnight

Seattle / New Orleans
9 projects 49 pieces

Industrial Product Design

Esmee Kuenen

Arnhem, the Netherlands
8 projects 47 pieces
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Industrial Design Student

Alfonso Cruz

Muntinlupa City, Philippines
4 projects 66 pieces
Available Now

Industrial/Product Designer

Janica Chupungco

Manila, PH
3 projects 44 pieces
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industrial designer I Produktdesigner B.A.

Melissa Kumpmann

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
12 projects 106 pieces
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Product Design Engineer

Imani-Caleb M. Caldwell

Columbus Ohio
2 projects 2 pieces
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Leon Arango

3 projects 24 pieces

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