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Character Designer

Kristian Lobb

Vancouver, Canada
4 projects 29 pieces
Available Now

Freelance, or willing to move for animation job.

Character Designer

Amanda Kelly Pfeiffer

Milwaukee, WI
3 projects 25 pieces

Character Designer

Andrea Mauro

Pittsburgh, PA
2 projects 24 pieces
Available Now

I will accept projects depending on my availability. Thanks for your interest!

Illustrator - Character Designer - Caricature Artist

Ricardo De Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Ca
8 projects 85 pieces

Character Designer

Duncan Voice

London, UK
3 projects 29 pieces

Freelance Animator, Character Designer, and Illustrator

Maren Gainey

4 projects 41 pieces
Available Now

Graphic Design / Character Designer

Will Messinger

Portland, OR
4 projects 17 pieces

Character Designer/Concept Design

Cate Burman

Machiasport, ME
4 projects 10 pieces
Available Now

Character Designer

Aziz Dereli

2 projects 8 pieces

Character Designer

Phillip Chan

Los Angeles, CA
6 projects 23 pieces
Available Soon

Will reply within 7 business days.

Character Designer / Illustrator

Rosemarie Muller

Medicine Hat, Canada
5 projects 63 pieces

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