We found 1,075 Interaction Designers


Design Researcher, UX Designer & Educator

Vanissa Wanick

Southampton, UK
5 projects 16 pieces

Interaction designer/frond-end developer

Daniëlla Plomp

5 projects 72 pieces

Interaction & Product Designer, PhD(c) in Ergonomics

Stella Parisi

Thessaloniki, Greece
4 projects 26 pieces

Interaction Designer @ Google

Ben Ginger

New York City, NYC
6 projects 200 pieces


Timea Konya

Berlin, Germany
5 projects 49 pieces
Available Soon

Senior Product Designer

Hanna Schmidt

Leipzig, Germany
5 projects 50 pieces
Available Now

Interaction Design Student

Jess Veitch

Cape Town, South Africa
5 projects 33 pieces
Available Now

Interaction Designer


Toronto, Canada
6 projects 33 pieces

UX / User researcher – Interaction Designer

Giuseppe Carbonara

Enschede (Netherlands)
7 projects 13 pieces
Available Now

Student at The royal institute of technology – Interaction design

Ludvig Wedberg

Stockholm, Sweden
5 projects 28 pieces
Available Now

UX Researcher | UX Designer | Interaction Designer | UI Designer

Paolo Cristoforetti

8 projects 13 pieces
Available Now

Here you can write me a message, an e-mail or even call me! I am happy about every new contact, acquaintance or future collaborations.

Interaction and User Experience Designer

Lisa Brand

5 projects 168 pieces
Available Now

UX Interaction Designer/ front end developer

Praneetha Dommaraju

5 projects 7 pieces

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