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Character Designer and Illustrator

Kimani Reid

Brooklyn, NY
4 projects 42 pieces
Available Now

Character Designer – Visual Development

Gabi Villegas

Pasadena, CA
3 projects 40 pieces
Available Now

Character Artist

Aya Akl

Toronto, Canada
5 projects 42 pieces
Available Now

Animator, Character Designer, Visual Development Artist

Jacquelyn Meadows

3 projects 19 pieces
Available Now

Character Designer, Visual Development Artist

Luigi Lucarelli

3 projects 22 pieces
Available Now

I'm Here

Character Designer, & Concept Artist


Kerala, India
5 projects 4 pieces
Available Now

for Freelance, Contract, In-House

Character Designer | Illustrator

Priscilla Galindo

San Diego, CA
5 projects 127 pieces
Available Now

Animator, Character Designer

Linh Chi Nguyen

United States
5 projects 38 pieces

Illustrator, Character Designer, Comic Artist

Beatrice Magalhães

Manhattan, NY
0 projects 0 pieces
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I’m always happy to receive emails for any inquires or just to say hello!

Illustrator & character designer

Guia Gandi

9 projects 59 pieces
Available Now

Concept Art . Character Design . 2D Animation

Adva Rodan

11 projects 55 pieces

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