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We're stoked to introduce our gorgeous new theme, Pancake. It's the perfect delivery system for photo essays, narrative projects and ridiculously good-looking pieces of work!

From the giant cover image to individual cover pages that kick off every project, Pancake is large and in charge. It’s our most customizable theme yet with a selection of modern title fonts, mood-altering accent colors and a variety of image editing options like blur or black & white. You can set the mood or fine-tune readability with just a tweak or two!

Here are a few of Pancake's tastiest features:

  • full screen cover pages
  • in-page editing tools to quickly design your covers
  • a wide range of accent colors and gradients
  • seven custom title fonts

Order's up on a hot stack of Pancake! Find it now under Design in your Admin. It's brand spankin' new so please let us know if anything's not working right. We'll do our best to sort it out quickly.

Great news for all you Dropbox fans! We just added it as a way to upload pieces to your portfolio. Now you can find and add files on your computer or directly from your Dropbox account. Whoa, that's rad! You should also know that it's super fast, works on your iPad and is guaranteed to make you way more popular at parties. Actually, there's no guarantee on that last part. Sorry!

As always, go nuts and please let us know if anything's gone awry. We'll fix it as fast as is humanly possible!

It was getting a little cramped in your Projects Manager column so we busted out a wall or two. Now there's plenty of room to see all projects at once including the ones in hiding. Move projects around with a drag and a drop or put them safely to sleep in the revamped Archive section. They'll still be there when you need them. We wouldn't have it any other way!

It’s spring cleaning time and we did more than a little light feather dusting. We moved a few things from here to over there and significantly improved our Admin UI for your enjoyment. Here’s the lowdown on all that:


  • App Switcher: it was getting a bit cramped and confusing so we freed up some interface space (interspace?) to make navigation easier.
  • Portfolio App Navigation: we cleaned it up and simplified the navigation.
  • Portfolio Sharing Link: Your portfolio URL is now at the very top of the portfolio app column so you can share your work with ease.
  • Back Button: We know it sounds crazy but your browser’s back button should now work as expected throughout the Admin. THE FUTURE!
  • Mobile: More parts of Carbonmade work on your mobile devices than ever before!


  • Account Section: we moved it and tidied it up! Click your face in the bottom left corner to access all of your billing and plan information.
  • Stats: For all you Whoo! and Laser Whalers, we moved your pretty purple mountain of Stats into the App Switcher.

We know that moving things around can be confusing at first. If anything's particularly befuddling, please let us know and our support dorks will get you sorted!

Ever since we first added the ability to publish an email address on an About page we’ve struggled with the best way to handle messaging in Carbonmade. After much experimentation, we're stoked to introduce Carbonmade Messages! It's a quick and simple communication tool that lets you interact with all the folks interested in your work. Basically, they’ll hit you up via your contact form and you can continue the conversation in Messages. It even works in real-time like some kind of wizard magic.

There are a bunch of benefits to this setup but chief amongst them is security. Publishing your email address in the open is, well, problematic. Having a contact form connected directly to your email account isn’t much better. Due to nerdy tech reasons, you can’t even be sure that your mail provider will let it through. With Carbonmade Messages you get a spam-proof and full confidence way of communicating with clients and admirers.

This is the first version so expect a few hiccups. We're all ears if you find bugs or have feedback. We've got a lot more in the works so thanks for checking it out!

You get a log! And you get a log! And YOU get a log! What the heck is a log? Well, it's almost exactly like a blog but we're gonna give the B a rest for now. Smell ya letter, B!!

We know it's not easy to keep pumping finished goods to your portfolio. Your log is a fast and stress-free way to update viewers on whatcha got goin on in between final work. Keep things fresh by sharing your process, showing off your workspace, or (most importantly) posting glamour shots of your pets!

Five fun facts about your log:

  1. Anyone can make log posts. Paid users get the added bonus of audio and video.
  2. It's completely optional. Turn it on, turn it off, hide yo wife or hide yo kids.
  3. You can call it whatever you want: blog, journal, updates, news, diary, Fred. The only rule is that people named Kenny have to name it Kenny Loggins. No exceptions.
  4. Once you've uploaded a set of photos, click on the FILL ROW button to magically stretch an individual photo to the full width of the post. It's a simple way to create a picture perfect layout in seconds.
  5. There is no five. Make your first log post and let us know what you think!

Good news for copywriters, creative directors and all you folks pulling campaigns together for a living! We built our latest theme, Copybara, to help you tell the story of your work. For starters, we introduced Text Pieces which lets you easily add Paragraphs, Subtitles and Pull Quotes into your projects. You can create a narrative that takes viewers through the development, reaction to and results of your campaigns. Delightful!

We've also added a Smart Layout option for your pieces. Just pop in all your images and we'll use code science wizardry to display your work at its very best. Don't ask how it knows... it just knows. Try it and see!

And if that weren't enough, we added a Zoom thinger so your admirers can get a nice close look at your amazing copy. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Thanks to an army of pleasantly-shaped robutts, you can now add PDF documents to your Carbonmade. Go ahead and easily upload your original tearsheets, magazine spreads, radio scripts, or whatever else you've got in PDF format to your portfolio. We'll optimize it to look darn fine and crisp on all screens without plugins or fuss. Amazing!

We heard all you copywriters, sound designers, musicians and voice actor types loud and clear. Because we're reasonably good listeners, you can now add audio files to all of your projects. To kick things off, we support MP3, AAC, and WMA files and plan to add new formats as we go. You can upload your songs, demos, radio ads and screeching car chase effects with or without an image to accompany the file. It'll look good and sound plenty great either way. Huzzah!

Note: the Classic theme doesn't support audio. Switch to any other Theme and go nuts!

Aww yiss! You'll be struttin your stuff in no time now that you can quickly Move and Delete pieces in bulk. You can even undo those very same actions in a flash. We've simplified the design and made it all responsive-like so it works great no matter the screen size. Feels good, bro!