For the last 16+ years, we have happily given thousands of creatives a free place to launch their online portfolio. (yes this is how old we are already)

While we wish it could stay free forever, that wouldn't allow us to keep making our platform even better for you. And as an independent and small company, we want to keep building the best portfolio builder there is 💜 Which means starting on August 1, 2021, we are sadly discontinuing the free version of Carbonmade (this also includes the OLD Carbonmade system as we move everything to our brand new platform).

What does that mean for your portfolio?

We hope that you enjoyed our free service for the past 16 years. If you're up for it, we'd love to welcome you on our brand new Carbonmade v4 platform.

Carbonmade has grown up a LOT since you last used it. (Just look here! We swear, it's completely different to your current version of Carbonmade.) And with literally a couple clicks, you can move your current portfolio to the new, paid version of Carbonmade. All your work will transfer over. Plus, you’ll have access to our new builder and tons of extra features to make your site even better.

So, what happens next?

No rush, you have time to try out the new Carbonmade and decide if you want to upgrade and stay with us. If you haven’t decided by February 15th 2022, your free portfolio will be taken offline. But don’t worry – we’ll keep it safe (and send you reminders) for a little while before deleting it permanently. Just in case you change your mind.

P.S. If you decide not to upgrade, you can export your current site to save all your content before it's deleted. Send us an email to and we will help you with the move.

Ready to see what you’ve been missing?

Go ahead and give the new Carbonmade a try. You can explore it completely for free before deciding if you want to migrate your site over. But I have a feeling you will like it 🙂

🎉 BONUS: We'd love to give you a month on the new Carbonmade PRO plan completely for free – just for you, for reading all the way to the end. It's a tiny thank you gift for your years of loyalty to Carbonmade, and a chance for you to try it without any commitments. Here is how it works:

  1. Make sure to migrate your portfolio from the old Carbonmade to the new Carbonmade right here (this is totally free).
  2. Once you've done that, send us a quick email to and we will give you a free month on the new Carbonmade PRO plan, entirely on us so you can launch and GO LIVE right away.

Keep building,
Zoe & the Carbonmade team