Introducing: Your Log

posted in App Updates • Mar 26, 2015

You get a log! And you get a log! And YOU get a log! What the heck is a log? Well, it's almost exactly like a blog but we're gonna give the B a rest for now. Smell ya letter, B!!

We know it's not easy to keep pumping finished goods to your portfolio. Your log is a fast and stress-free way to update viewers on whatcha got goin on in between final work. Keep things fresh by sharing your process, showing off your workspace, or (most importantly) posting glamour shots of your pets!

Five fun facts about your log:

  1. All Carbonmaders can make log posts. Paid users get the added bonus of audio and video.
  2. It's completely optional. Turn it on, turn it off, hide yo wife or hide yo kids.
  3. You can call it whatever you want: blog, journal, updates, news, diary, Fred. The only rule is that people named Kenny have to name it Kenny Loggins. No exceptions.
  4. Once you've uploaded a set of photos, click on the FILL ROW button to magically stretch an individual photo to the full width of the post. It's a simple way to create a picture perfect layout in seconds.
  5. There is no five. Make your first log post and let us know what you think!

New Theme: Introducing Copybara!

posted in App Updates • Feb 17, 2015

Good news for copywriters, creative directors and all you folks pulling campaigns together for a living! We built our latest theme, Copybara, to help you tell the story of your work. For starters, we introduced Text Pieces which lets you easily add Paragraphs, Subtitles and Pull Quotes into your projects. You can create a narrative that takes viewers through the development, reaction to and results of your campaigns. Delightful!

We've also added a Smart Layout option for your pieces. Just pop in all your images and we'll use code science wizardry to display your work at its very best. Don't ask how it knows... it just knows. Try it and see!

And if that weren't enough, we added a Zoom thinger so your admirers can get a nice close look at your amazing copy. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

New! Add PDFs To Your Portfolio

posted in App Updates • Jan 15, 2015

Thanks to an army of pleasantly-shaped robutts, you can now add PDF documents to your Carbonmade. Go ahead and easily upload your original tearsheets, magazine spreads, radio scripts, or whatever else you've got in PDF format to your portfolio. We'll optimize it to look darn fine and crisp on all screens without plugins or fuss. Amazing!

New! Audio Files for Audiophiles

posted in App Updates • Dec 19, 2014

We heard all you copywriters, sound designers, musicians and voice actor types loud and clear. Because we're reasonably good listeners, you can now add audio files to all of your projects. To kick things off, we support MP3, AAC, and WMA files and plan to add new formats as we go. You can upload your songs, demos, radio ads and screeching car chase effects with or without an image to accompany the file. It'll look good and sound plenty great either way. Huzzah!

Note: the Classic theme doesn't support audio. Switch to any other Theme and go nuts!

Pumped Up Piece Manager

posted in App Updates • Dec 19, 2014

Aww yiss! You'll be struttin your stuff in no time now that you can quickly Move and Delete pieces in bulk. You can even undo those very same actions in a flash. We've simplified the design and made it all responsive-like so it works great no matter the screen size. Feels good, bro!

New Help Site

posted in App Updates • Nov 18, 2014

Having just added a metric ton of great goodness to Carbonmade, we thought it of utmost importance to beef up our Help site. Now you can quickly search for answers, scan topics by category, or check out our handy FAQs. We've even added looping videos so you can follow along step by step. And of course, our support wizards are always standing by to bippity-boppity-boo. If you're not finding what you need, they'll get you sorted in a jiff!

Editing Project Defaults

posted in App Updates • Nov 17, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice if you could make sweeping, grandiose, across the board changes with the click of a button? Well, that's what we're letting you do with our shiny new Default Project editor. Switch all your projects from List to Flipbook view or instantly change the placement of your captions without going project by project. We'll be adding lots more to this area so stay tuned!

Adjusting Thumbnails

posted in App Updates • Nov 17, 2014

Don't worry about being "all thumbs" when it comes to making your homepage look picture perfect. We've radically improved the thumbnail uploading, editing and cropping process. Now you can quickly select your image, hit the "edit thumb" button and use our fancy pants slider to zoom in on just the right spot. You can even drag it around until you hit absolute pixel perfection. Your thumbs update auto-magically so you can marvel at how pretty it looks or keep on adjusting like a maniac. Go nuts!

Design Section Overhaul

posted in App Updates • Nov 17, 2014

Based on your feedback, we tinkered and tailored the Design section to make it clearer and easier to use. It's your one-stop shop for choosing a theme and futzing with all of its glorious style, mood and design options. From color scheme to footer blurb, you can personalize the look and feel of your portfolio better than ever before. Plus, this overhaul will make it easier for us to release new themes with all sorts of nifty features. High fives and stage dives!

New Theme: Webcat

posted in App Updates • Nov 17, 2014

Introducing Webcat, a custom-crafted theme made with modern screen designers in mind. It lets your pixel masterpieces shine and responds with cat-like reflexes to every device. Show off the intricacy of your online work in a theme that's retina ready and hella responsive!

Webcat is now available to ALL subscribers and can be found in the Design section under Themes. Git it, git it!

Statistically Speaking, You've Got Stats!

posted in App Updates • Oct 23, 2014

We pulled out our abacuses and high powered tracking robots to corncobble together some useful statistical type info for your viewing pleasure. With the new Stats app, you can keep an eye on all the cool dudes and dudettes checking out your work. You'll be able to see:

  • views and visitors by month and by year
  • your most popular projects
  • where people are finding your portfolio
  • and what devices they're using to view your work

The Stats app is available now for folks on Whoo! and LASER WHALE plans!

SPECIAL THING: As a special statistical surprise for long-time Carbonmaders, we've captured a full year's worth of past traffic. Take in those historic peaks and valleys with pride!

Awards & Exhibitions Blurbs

posted in App Updates • Sep 14, 2014

You don't always have to shout your successes from the rooftops, but it helps to have a place to list 'em all out. We've added two new copy blocks to the About section for Awards and Exhibitions. Whether you've put on a fancy gallery show, won the Palme d'Or at Cannes or just hauled in a giant gleaming trophy fish, you can quickly add your accolades for all to see in a fresh, tidy format. Celebrate good times, come on!

Introducing Okay and LASER WHALE

posted in App Updates • Aug 28, 2014

You've asked and we've answered with a couple new ways to pay for your Carbonmade. For those of you who need a bit more room to show off your work, we're introducing the Okay plan. It extends the free account with extra projects and some great personalization features. It's just the thing to make your portfolio look even more professionaler. At only $6/month or $59/year, it's a steal!

And for those of you looking to blow things out of the water, we're introducing LASER WHALE. Our best possible plan gives you unlimited projects and everything Carbonmade has to offer. Priced at $24/month or $199/year, it's a downright bargain.

You can check out the plans on offer by clicking "Upgrade" in the home column or visiting our Pricing page. Awooga!

New Theme: Sidescroll

posted in App Updates • Aug 22, 2014

Sideways is the direction of art galleries and museums and thus Sidescroll moves in a left to right fashion to show off your work. Our team of design pros lovingly crafted it to be clean, modern and ridiculously good-looking. It makes all kinds of work sparkle but was hand-woven with photographers, fashionistas, architects and visual art types in mind.

What's so darn great about Sidescroll?

  • it's Retina ready to look great on even the highest res screens
  • it's designed responsively so that it'll look good on the desktop, mobile and your fridge's LCD
  • it has three color moods to choose from as accents
  • it will hug you when you've had a hard day (no guarantees)

New Feature: Custom Section Titles

posted in App Updates • Aug 22, 2014

Want to personalize your portfolio a wee bit more? Now you can add custom titles to your sections. You could change 'About' to 'Profile' or 'Contact' to 'Say Hello!' It's a nifty way to make your portfolio shine brighter and smell real good.

PAID FEATURE: Paying customers can take it to the limit by adding external links! Link up to your blog, store or Pinterest board about feral unicorns.