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Webcat is pretty special. It was custom-made for web designers and pixel pushers of all stripes. It's basically a "one-pager" on steroids. Every project has a dedicated page, but the About and Contact sections are kept inline on the homepage.

Are you maintaining a strong personal brand? Is your avatar widely recognized? Are you a one-man-web-powerhouse? Then Webcat is probably for you. It's deceptively simple and yet very elegant.

Check out our sample theme to see it in use!


Adjustment Options

  • Black or white color scheme
  • Two font options (serif and sans-serif)
  • Three color moods ( green, blue and orange)

Thumbnail Sizes*

The thumbnail size for Webcat is 567 × 360 pixels.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

Work Section

Image Sizes*

The images on Webcat are displayed at 960 px width.

    * It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

    About + Contact Sections

    Theme Options


    • Portfolio title and footer blurb


    • Custom logo
    • Custom favicon

    Theme Settings

    • Black or white color scheme
    • Three accent colors (green, red, blue)
    • Serif or sans-serif font treatment
    • Left- or center-justified text

    Home Page Styling

    • Pick your Subtitles (client, type or date)
    • Show/hide Thumbnail frame (faux-chrome)

    Mobile Version

    For Webcat's mobile version, we went a more subtle route. Just putting big thumbnail after thumbnail would have completely robbed this theme of its character. Instead, we moved the type and thumbnail around a smidge to make it easier to navigate and read while still maintaining the theme's integrity.