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With its ginormous cover page and full-screen header images, Pancake is the perfect delivery system for photo essays, narrative projects and ridiculously good-lookin' pieces of work! It's fully responsive and scales beautifully from your phone to your desktop screen.

Pancake is our most customizable theme yet with a selection of modern title fonts, mood-altering accent colors and a wide variety of image editing options. From blur to black & white, you can set the mood or fine-tune readability in a snap.

Check out our sample theme to see Pancake full of delicious work by Elize Strydom!


Adjustment Options

  • White, off-white, dark or black background color
  • Two body font options (serif and sans-serif)
  • Twelve accent colors
  • Seven title font choices

Thumbnail Sizes*

Pancake's grid style is fully responsive and scales up and down depending on your screen size. The thumbnails in the grid layout are in a 4:3 aspect ratio (max size is 1134 px × 860 px). You don't have to upload custom thumbnails but you can if you like.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

Accent Color and Headline Fonts

Work Section

Image Sizes*

Pancake has two layout widths: Wide is 1280 px and Narrow is 960 px.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

About and Contact Section

Theme Options


  • Portfolio title, tagline and footer blurb


  • Custom logo (paid-accounts only)
  • Custom favicon (paid-accounts only)

Theme Settings

  • White, off-white, dark or black background color
  • Twelve accent color choices
  • Serif or sans-serif body font treatment
  • Seven title font choices
  • Page layout (wide or narrow)
  • Footer links (on or off)
  • Logo size (small or large)

Home Page Styling

  • Full-screen Cover Image (on or off)
  • Seven title font choices
  • Thumb layout (tiled or grid)
  • Thumb overlay color (light, dark or current accent color)
  • Thumb text placement (under, over, over on hover and off)

Project Settings

  • Image zooming (on or off)

Mobile Version

Pancake was designed with mobile in mind and fluidly adapts to virtually any screen.