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With its ginormous cover page and full-screen header images, Pancake is the perfect delivery system for photo essays, narrative projects and ridiculously good-lookin' pieces of work! It's fully responsive and scales beautifully from your phone to your desktop screen.

Pancake is our most customizable theme yet with a selection of modern title fonts, mood-altering accent colors and a wide variety of image editing options. From blur to black & white, you can set the mood or fine-tune readability in a snap.

Check out our sample theme to see Pancake full of delicious work by Elize Strydom!


Full screen cover page (optional).

A larger than life cover page leads to a responsive grid of your projects. You can choose a conventional grid (left) or a masonry style layout (right).

Adjustment Options

  • White, off-white, dark or black background color
  • Two body font options (serif and sans-serif)
  • Twelve accent colors
  • Seven title font choices

Thumbnail Sizes*

Pancake's grid style is fully responsive and scales up and down depending on your screen size. The thumbnails in the grid layout are in a 4:3 aspect ratio (max size is 1134 px × 860 px). You don't have to upload custom thumbnails but you can if you like.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

Accent Color and Headline Fonts

Pancake offers a wide variety of color moods and overlays plus a selection of seven different header fonts.

Work Section

Keep your projects pages plain (fig 1) or add a custom header image that's full width (fig 2) or full screen (fig 3).

Change the look and feel of your header images by combining edits like blur, black and white or color overlays with our custom font choices.

Image Sizes*

Pancake has two layout widths: Wide is 1280 px and Narrow is 960 px.

* It never hurts to upload bigger images. We'll take care of the downscaling for you.

About and Contact Section

Personalize your About page with a custom header image, bio, social links and all the various need-to-knows.

Theme Options


  • Portfolio title, tagline and footer blurb


  • Custom logo (paid-accounts only)
  • Custom favicon (paid-accounts only)

Theme Settings

  • White, off-white, dark or black background color
  • Twelve accent color choices
  • Serif or sans-serif body font treatment
  • Seven title font choices
  • Page layout (wide or narrow)
  • Footer links (on or off)
  • Logo size (small or large)

Home Page Styling

  • Full-screen Cover Image (on or off)
  • Seven title font choices
  • Thumb layout (tiled or grid)
  • Thumb overlay color (light, dark or current accent color)
  • Thumb text placement (under, over, over on hover and off)

Project Settings

  • Image zooming (on or off)

Mobile Version

Pancake was designed with mobile in mind and fluidly adapts to virtually any screen.

Cover, home screen and Log page from the mobile version of Pancake.

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