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The Carbonmade Tech Stack

Sweeter than a pile of flapjacks.


Web Fleet

Our backend runs on AWS and is powered by NodeJS and the CoreCLR. At any given time, we’re running 25+ servers handling hundreds of requests per second. Here are a few notable apps running in our fleet:

  • Portfolio

    Hosting over 1,500,000 portfolio websites. Without flinching.

    1,000,000,000+ pageviews served

  • Media

    Serving images, videos, audio. Boatloads of them.

    10,000,000,000+ images served

  • Uploads

    Handling upwards of 50 uploads concurrently at gigabit speeds.

    50 million+ uploads handled


Our workers are continually crunching stats, resizing images, encoding videos, and detecting spam behind the scenes. And as workloads change, our workforce scales elastically. Here are just a few of our tireless workers:

  • Stats

    Generator of Pretty Charts

  • Indexer

    Organizer of Indexes

  • Image Optimizer

    Optimizer of Images

  • Transmogrify

    Rotates, resizes, and transforms images on demand

  • Replicator

    VP of Replication

  • Audio Transcoder

    Transcoder of Audio

We’re excited about what else we can do in the background to make our system smarter. From generating images before they’re needed, picking color palettes, detecting areas of interest for optimal crops, to using neutral networks to categorize work – we can’t wait to expand our workforce to make Carbonmade even smarter than it is today.

Platforms & Languages

JavaScript + Node.js

We use Node.js to generate images, optimize pngs, process PDFS, accept uploads and are introducing it to do a whole lot more.

C# + CoreCLR

C# powers our portfolio manager and core services. We expose everything Carbonmade does through a restful API which makes it super easy to consume through JavaScript / NodeJS and whatever future platforms come along.

We’re super stoked with native Linux support coming in the CLR and planning on moving all our servers over to Linux when it’s ready.


If someone can do it better, we outsource it. Here are a few of the great partners we’ve made:

  • aws
    • DynamoDB
    • EC2
    • ELB
    • Kinesis
    • Lambda
    • OpsWorks
    • Route53
    • S3
    • SQS
  • zencoder postmark fastly braintree pingdom



We're big fans of composing big applications by wiring up a lot of small components. We’ve avoided using a monolithic framework, but have introduced a lot of smaller tools that are perfect for the job. Here are a few:

  • Carbon.Router

    We built a router to direct routes to views in the browser.

  • Carbon.Cropper

    We’ve built a cropper. It zooms and pans and will be open source soon.

  • Carbon.Animation

    A framework for composing fancy animations.

  • Carbon.Forms

    A huge helper library for making fancy forms. From validation to auto-suggestions, our FormKit helps out.


SASS + Auto prefixing

We wrote our own SASS engine with a built in auto-prefixer. Check it out on GitHub.


We use { Mustache } sans a stash.

Internal Tools

We made a bunch of stuff to make making easier.