Community Support

Full-time Position

Well, hey! We’re stoked that you’re here to apply for the Community Support position. It’s a hella good full-time gig and located in our Printer's Row offices in Chicago, IL.

We are…

A small but spirited bunch of doofuses who make amazing things to help creative people show off their work. Right now more than 1,000,000 people are using Carbonmade portfolios. That number is growing steadily, new projects are underway and we need YOU to help our users feel like the most important lovelies in the world.

You are…

The kind of person that makes people feel at ease. That listens first. That genuinely cares and wants to help. You’re fond of smiling and you’ve never met a weeping willow you didn’t try to convert into a joyous elm. You understand that that last sentence was pretty dumb but you admire the hamfisted attempt at wordplay. Basically, you could see yourself caring a whole lot about the people who use Carbonmade and will bend over backwards to make their experience great. Now! Let’s do some scannable bullet points:

  • You’re a people pleaser who loves helping
  • You’re a great explainer with a good sense of humor
  • You know your way around the English language
  • You’re, like, super organized
  • You’re pretty tech savvy. You once saw a Firefox in the wild and you knew exactly what it was up to
  • You’re down with the ‘net. Maybe you have a friendster, or a tumblr thing, maybe even a twitter and some other social medias
  • You pick things up quickly and think on your feet (the combination of which may sound physically difficult but you’re not scared of a challenge)
  • You glared at the last person who used the term, “Social Media Guru Ninja Whatever”
  • You love being around creative people
  • More than anything, you’re well-versed in communicating through the magical medium of GIF

What'll be expected…

You’ll be the second head in our double-headed snake of support. Mike is the other head of this snake. This is a terrible analogy. Anyhow, you’ll be an essential part of a small team taking care of whatever our users need to build their portfolio. You’ll be expected to:

  • be a friendly, upbeat, problem solver for our customers
  • settle support tickets, chargebacks and (very rarely) do phone support
  • work with our designers and copywriters to produce new help content
  • routinely run-through our product to see they’re humming along tickety-boo
  • create and run processes to test out new features
  • produce bug reports and work with devs to HULKSMASH open tickets
  • pro-actively review portfolios and reach out to customers with helpful tips, tricks, suggestions, soothing words, uncomfortably long hugs and fixes
  • help the author of this posting to come up with better analogies

Your perks…

You’ll get a great job at a great company and get paid a decent salary in US currency. There’s more, but ideally this is plenty.

How to apply…

It goes (almost) without saying, that we’re nothing without the super rad folks using us to show off their work. To that end, tell us a little about how you’d treat them just right.

  1. What’s the last thing you did to help someone?
  2. You like the internet. Which sites get your stamp of approval for customer service, or tone, or help content? Why?
  3. Tell us about the last person you made smile. Well, less about them and more about what you did to tickle their funnybone.
  4. Tell us why you want to work at Chipotle.
  5. Ignore number 4.
  6. That’s about it. Just write up the stuff above to show us you can communicate real good and then send it to us as part of your cover letter. That and your resume or portfolio oughta do the trick but feel free to send us links that OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE!
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Printer's Row
Chicago, IL