Biz Dev

Full-time Position

Hello there, friendly mover and shaker type human! We’re stoked that you’re here to apply for the Biz Dev position. It’s a hella sweet full-time gig and located in our offices in Chicago, IL or the remote location of your choosing.

We are…

A small but spirited bunch of doofuses who make amazing things to help creative people show off their work. Right now, more than 900,000 people use Carbonmade portfolios. That’s a boat ton but we’re looking to grow that number. Here’s the rub: we loooooove building new things but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for reaching out and making business magic happen. Are you good at that? Cos that’s what we need and then some!

You are…

The kind of person who is just really, really good at forging new and mutually beneficial relationships. You love figuring out the best possible deals and partnerships and then doing your darnedest to make them happen. Of course, you’re ambitious and deal-driven but you’re also likeable, genuine and comfortable working with creative weirdos. (We have more than a few!) Here are a few more things we need you to be:

  • an excellent communicator who is naturally good at meeting new people
  • a whiz with financials and analytical thinking
  • team-oriented and good at rallying support for your ideas
  • completely at home banging your head against challenging problems
  • looking to contribute to a team that exists to help artists do their thing

You'll be…

  • taking the time to understand our product and developing ideas for our growth
  • constantly evaluating and going after deals and partnerships with companies that create long-term value for Carbonmade
  • using your highly advanced social skills and business noggin to identify angel investors, pitch for venture capital, secure commitments and close deals
  • negotiating terms and working with legal beagles to button up agreements
  • helping us move beyond our current bootstrapped levels of success while staying true to all the things that make Carbonmade a darn good place to be
  • identifying ways to grow our team and connecting us to great people so we can do even more better things!
  • finding customers in places we haven’t even thought of looking, like Guam, maybe?

How to apply…

Press the “Apply Now!” button on this page with an input device. Email us anything you think we should know about you, toss in a resume, and tell us all about the rad deals you’ve closed with rad folks. Easy!

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