Backend Engineer
(C# / CoreCLR)

Full-time Position

Howdy! You’ve come to the right place to apply for the Backend Engineer position. This gig is full-time and located in our Printer's Row offices in Chicago, IL.

The Lowdown

We’re Carbonmade, one of the biggest services around providing designers, artists, and the like with portfolios that help them show off their work and stay employed. As an engineer you’ll be vital in helping us build and scale our backend services, including but not limited to:

  • Web routing/load balancing (routing requests to multiple application instances across multiple channels on different servers)
  • The Carbonmade API (serving hundreds of millions of requests per month)
  • Media generator (generating hundreds of millions of thumbnails per month)
  • Spam detection (help us improve and detect spam in real time)

Our codebase is in C#. We’re also implementing Google’s GO for our performance and high load services (media encoding, upload handling, log processing, and routing). We use Amazon and Azure web services extensively including Amazon’s S3, DynamoDB, SQS, and Azure’s Table Storage.

About You

Most important is experience working with and managing at least one large userbase web app. You should be completely at home with rolling updates, scaling services horizontally, experience with the C family of languages (C#, C, C++, & Objective-C), and some experience with GO would go a long way. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Building and maintaining our core services
  • Ensuring our services stay online and responsive
  • Maintaining our build and test systems

The Perks

You’ll get a great job at a great company working on interesting projects and get paid a decent salary in US currency. There’s more, but ideally this is what you're looking for.

How to apply

Find the "Apply Now" button on this here page and send us all your informations!

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Printer's Row
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