Backend Developer
(Javascript / Node.js)

Full-time Position

Greetings, code writing human! We’re thrilled that you’re here to apply for the Backend Developer position. It’s a real good full-time gig located in either our Chicago office or from the remote location of your choosing (as long as you're in the USofA).

We are…

A small but spirited bunch of doofuses who make amazing things to help creative people show off their work. Right now nearly 900,000 people are using Carbonmade portfolios. That number is growing steadily, new projects are underway and we need a special someone to help us build new backend services to make Carbonmade even better.

You are…

An experienced Backend Developer that has built and maintained backend services for a large user base. You should be completely at home with rolling updates, building services that scale up and down as workloads change, and squashing problems as they arise. Here’s some stuff about you:

  • You’re great at JavaScript and deploying services on Node.js
  • You like creating elegant and simple solutions that scale to millions of users
  • You keep things running smoothly and isolate and fix problems when they go south
  • You’re happy as a clam working independently and collaborating with developers in real-time
  • You can communicate good
  • You're all about owning projects
  • You love cobbling together solutions from nothing like a regular B.A. Barracus. Some might even say you’re A-Team player.

Along with solid experience developing in Node.js and keeping services running in production, you should be comfortable occasionally helping out with frontend development. Experience with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS is a must.

The projects you'll be working on…

  • Extending our media transformer to support new media types
  • Using machine learning libraries to automatically categorize users’ work
  • Opening up our platform so folks can customize every aspect of their portfolio
  • Building an analytics platform to spot popular content
  • Passion projects that you think might enhance our users’ experience
  • Helping the team build and tie in custom UI components

Our tech stack…

We run entirely in the cloud on AWS and use services like EC2, OpsWorks, S3, SQS, Kinesis, and Lambda.

Our core services are exposed over a RESTFUL JSON API and we make use of Node.js and C# on our backends.

Your perks…

You’ll get a rad job at a great company working on interesting and challenging projects. You'll also get paid an excellent salary in US currency and will be covered in benefits.

How to apply…

Press the "Apply Now!" button on this page with an input device. Email anything you think we need to know, toss in a resume, and link up your portfolio or Github profile. Easy!

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