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Introducing: Carbonmade Messages

Ever since we first added the ability to publish an email address on an About page we’ve struggled with the best way to handle messaging in Carbonmade. After much experimentation, we're stoked to introduce Carbonmade Messages! It's a quick and simple communication tool that lets you interact with all the folks interested in your work. Basically, they’ll hit you up via your contact form and you can continue the conversation in Messages. It even works in real-time like some kind of wizard magic.

There are a bunch of benefits to this setup but chief amongst them is security. Publishing your email address in the open is, well, problematic. Having a contact form connected directly to your email account isn’t much better. Due to nerdy tech reasons, you can’t even be sure that your mail provider will let it through. With Carbonmade Messages you get a spam-proof and full confidence way of communicating with clients and admirers.

This is the first version so expect a few hiccups. We're all ears if you find bugs or have feedback. We've got a lot more in the works so thanks for checking it out!