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Introducing: Your Log

You get a log! And you get a log! And YOU get a log! What the heck is a log? Well, it's almost exactly like a blog but we're gonna give the B a rest for now. Smell ya letter, B!!

We know it's not easy to keep pumping finished goods to your portfolio. Your log is a fast and stress-free way to update viewers on whatcha got goin on in between final work. Keep things fresh by sharing your process, showing off your workspace, or (most importantly) posting glamour shots of your pets!

Five fun facts about your log:

  1. Anyone can make log posts. Paid users get the added bonus of audio and video.
  2. It's completely optional. Turn it on, turn it off, hide yo wife or hide yo kids.
  3. You can call it whatever you want: blog, journal, updates, news, diary, Fred. The only rule is that people named Kenny have to name it Kenny Loggins. No exceptions.
  4. Once you've uploaded a set of photos, click on the FILL ROW button to magically stretch an individual photo to the full width of the post. It's a simple way to create a picture perfect layout in seconds.
  5. There is no five. Make your first log post and let us know what you think!