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Feature Moves and UI Updates

It’s spring cleaning time and we did more than a little light feather dusting. We moved a few things from here to over there and significantly improved our Admin UI for your enjoyment. Here’s the lowdown on all that:


  • App Switcher: it was getting a bit cramped and confusing so we freed up some interface space (interspace?) to make navigation easier.
  • Portfolio App Navigation: we cleaned it up and simplified the navigation.
  • Portfolio Sharing Link: Your portfolio URL is now at the very top of the portfolio app column so you can share your work with ease.
  • Back Button: We know it sounds crazy but your browser’s back button should now work as expected throughout the Admin. THE FUTURE!
  • Mobile: More parts of Carbonmade work on your mobile devices than ever before!


  • Account Section: we moved it and tidied it up! Click your face in the bottom left corner to access all of your billing and plan information.
  • Stats: For all you Whoo! and Laser Whalers, we moved your pretty purple mountain of Stats into the App Switcher.

We know that moving things around can be confusing at first. If anything's particularly befuddling, please let us know and our support dorks will get you sorted!