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In the press:

Our creative director Dave Gorum recently picked up his electronic pencil for the folks at to outline his best practices for constructing a kickass portfolio. It's his gift after more than a decade spent flipping through them to create Carbonmade and to hire good people. We've pulled out a couple of his suggestions below, but be sure to mosey on over and read the full article for yourself. We hope it helps creative hirers and portfolio cobblers alike!

  • On showing it to a buddy

    You're probably going to want to push it
    out the door because the very sight of it sends you into cold sweats and a fetal ball. This is a perfect time to plop it in the hands of an objective friend or colleague.

  • On not making the hirer work for it

    Keep the presentation simple, the artwork big, and your contact information easy to find and you’ll be light decades ahead of your competition.