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Carbonmade officemate kicks off Plant-in City project

Jason and Arsie recently checked out the Plant-in City art initiative being Kickstartered by our officemate Carlos Gomez and his partners Huy Bui and Jon Schramm.

Photo by Arsie Jiwajinda

The ultimate goal of their installation is to create a "green city" in Manhattan out of stackable wood structures and plantlife that is cared for by interactive technology. Once funded, they're going to build a large-scale indoor greenspace for folks who love architecture, nature and technology. They believe that interacting with plants (in person and using their smartphones) helps improves the lives of city dwellers and they're determined to bring their big idea to life.

Carlos is a great guy and the spirit behind their project is inspiring so we just wanted to take a moment to give a nod to their good work. Two green thumbs way up!