Holy carp! We busted our brain slugs making Carbonmade even better for you.

Template yeti!

Finetuning Your ‘Folio

We gussied up and modernized the look and feel of your portfolio plus added some cool new requested features to make you shine.

  • Tag Projects as NEW: Attract moths to a flame (in a good way!) to your latest and greatest work.
  • Thumb Design: We’ve added a few new options (including text appearing under the thumb) to help you customize the appearance of your homepage.
  • This is a paid feature. Branding: It’s all about you, you, you. Fire up a hot poker and add a logo to your header in one short easy step.
  • This is a paid feature. Bigger Images: Now you can go big and go home. If bigger pictures work better for you, make it so with a clickety-click.

Progress unicorn!

Look Behind the Curtain Much?

We worked some real wizardry on our user interface. (Sorry about the sexy talk.) It’s just better, easier-to-use and sparkles like a show pony.

  • Improved Uploader: Catapult multiple images to your portfolio in magnificent fashion.
  • Project & Media Management: It’s shiny and new and dead simple to use. Everything’s geared to get your work up and on the page with zero hassle.
  • This is a paid feature. Custom Web Address: You’re the (wait for it) dot commander in chief! Now you can connect your preferred URL directly to your portfolio for increased branding potential.
  • This is a paid feature. Privacy: Private Eyes Your Portfolio. Flip a switch and set an access code to share your stuff on the downlow.

Video octopus!

Put on a picture show!

Now available in our Whoo! account! Our new video player is clean, simple and plays almost anywhere... browser, phone, reflection in a wave pool. Just upload your video and the magic of Technicolor comes alive. KA-WOOSH.

  • This is a paid feature. Multi-video Projects: Don’t just kill the radio star. Finish him! Now you can show off a handful of videos in a single project.

Anyhoosh, that’s the long and short of the improvements we’re spackling onto your portfolio.
You can check out all the goodies by logging in at Carbonmade.com!

Our ears, minds and dangerously engorged hearts are open to your thoughts.
To that end, the Carbonmade feedback flamingo is always at your service.
Send us a note at hello@carbonmade.com or give us a jingle at 1-800-267-6904.