Tips & Tricks

Google basics: Moving your work up in the world

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Carbonmade is: how come my portfolio isn’t ranked higher on Google? Beyond the tinkering we do on your behalf, here's our advice for using how the search behemoth works to better advantage.

Sharing is caring.

Do great work and share it on all of your online spaces. The more links Google finds for your portfolio, the more likely they'll bump you up a notch or two. It especially helps if the people sharing your work are somewhat influential online. So, a link to your portfolio shared by Al Gore has more pull than one from your Uncle Nemo. He’s a nice guy. Just sayin’.

A plus is not a minus.

If you don’t already have one, a Google+ Page helps get your work discovered by Google even quicker. When your friends and followers +1 your latest project, their endorsements get picked up by search results on If it's instant gratification you seek, +1s are the fastest way at it.

Use your real name and location.

Filling in your about information and project details is important for a bunch of reasons. In this context, the more content Google can match to you, the more likely you are to be found. While you may not be the top search result for “John Doe,” the chances are pretty good for “John Doe in Arkansas” if you've filled out your location details.

Everything in moderation.

As much as we encourage sharing your creations fully and freely, it’s wiser still to keep an even keel. If you’re constantly spamming the dashes, feeds and streams of your friends and followers, the inclination for them to share your work may dry up.

Finally, don’t get bummed if you’re not number one. It takes time to get the Google love flowing. Keep making amazing things, putting them out there for the world to enjoy and you will eventually rise up to your rightful place online.