Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to our beloved grumpkin, Dave Gorum!

In celebration of our co-founder/creative director's birthday, we bring you DAVE GOURDUM!

Dave reigns over our pixelated pumpkin patch in his little cycling caps, tossing out terrible puns, witty quips and super fun design ideas. He may grumble and grump, but that's only because he secretly bears the burden of a kind and generous heart. If he just audibly groaned at that, then I have done my job. Well, not the one he hired me to do, but that is besides the point!

Anywhoosh, we wish Dave a very happy and hallo-weenie-birthday full of naps with the dogs, cake made out of leafy vegetables and, well, more naps. Catch some good zees and have a great day, dorkface!