Thumbs up: Kirsten Ulve’s clever landing page design

Remember when your mom would lick her hand, pat down your hair and say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” Then she'd kiss you on the forehead and send you out the door to your first big date or job interview? Well, your mom may be a bit of a weirdo (or possibly something remembered from old-timey TV) but her advice is still golden.

One swell example of a Carbonmade user making a great first impression is illustrator Kirsten Ulve. Her obvious layout and design experience shines through in her decision to chop up one of her illustrations into custom thumbnails. You get an instant sense of her signature style and, just as importantly, it's backed up by seriously impressive work.

Kirsten earns a spot on the Carbonmade fridge this week. Great job!