App Updates

Portfolio images look better and load faster

As browsers get better, Carbonmade gets better with them. We're constantly tinkering to make the images in your portfolios look their best.

Here are a few of our recent image improvements:

Color Profile Support

Color profiles have always been irksome on the web. We've been wrestling with this problem and have finally come up with a working solution. If you're using color profiles and a modern browser like Safari 5.1, Chrome or Firefox 5+, your color workflow will stay consistent all the way to the web. YEAH!


We now support JPEG XR image uploads. If you’re using IE9 or greater, we take advantage of this new format to serve your images up to 50% faster.

Faster Uploads

We’ve upgraded the servers that process uploads and optimize your images for the web. In some cases, we’re seeing images process twice as fast as before. Hurrah!

That’s the latest and greatest as far as images are concerned. If you haven’t upgraded your browser in a few years or are stuck on a cruddy work or school computer, rest assured we've still got you covered.